COVID-19 CVU Boys lacrosse adheres to the VPA COVID-19 Guidelines available here. All participants and spectators are expected to wear a mask and practice appropriate social distancing at team-related activities. Our coaches will screen athletes temperature before each practice and game. "The number of spectators at outdoor events should be limited as much as possible and measures should be put in place to ensure physical distancing between households. Interactions between spectators and participants should be minimized before, during and after events. At no time shall the total number of spectators exceed current limits on event size--currently 150 people for outdoor events."

Tryouts Tryouts for the 2021 season are separated by class: Juniors & Seniors; Freshman & Sophomores. This enables our coaches to evaluate all players before making decisions on JV and Varsity. Juniors and Seniors are trying out exclusively for Varsity with the exception of goalies. If you are injured and unable to tryout, please email Coach Garvey to let us know - cvuboyslacrosse@cvsdvt.org

Attendance CVU Boys Lacrosse will practice and compete up to six days a week from early-April through early-June. Players are expected to be at all scheduled practices and competitions including during spring break. If you need to miss a practice for academic or personal reasons let your coach know the day prior. We are looking to reschedule the games on May 8th to accommodate for the SAT exam.

Harassment, Hazing "Hazing has no place in the [Champlain Valley] District's schools and will not be tolerated." Official CVSD Hazing Policy

Communication Our coaches are available to players after practice to discuss individual focus areas and playing time. This is the preferred medium of communication. Alternatively, Coach Garvey's email is cvuboyslacrosse@cvusdvt.org Champlain Valley School District Communication Plan

Substance Use Policy Champlain Valley School District Substance Use Policy "It is the policy of the Champlain Valley School District that no student shall knowingly possess, use, transfer, or be under the influence of, any drug, alcohol, or other regulated substance at school or at any school-sponsored activity."

Concussion Protocol Heads Up Concussion Action Plan